TOP 10 Trends for Necklaces 2018: Grunge femininity, overlooked beads and Chanel

What jewelry is the most popular? Of course, jewelry items for the neck! Necklaces, beads, collars, gorgets, necklets, chaplets, revieres, chokers … There are too many varieties! And I really shocked with all this names =) But why they are so popular? I think this is an important question and especially for the jewelry designers. So, that is just because such adornments could be into the image quite easily, as laconic chokers are suitable even for business style, and large sparkling necklaces in the boho style look great both with light floral dresses and broad-shouldered massive jackets. Well… What necklaces are in style 2018?

Length is in style

Well, it’s nothing strange that I start this list with a trend that was in 2018’s Chanel fashion house introduction. And what necklaces are in style 2018? The long one!

If this is one necklace, then the length should be somewhere up to the naval, not higher. And if you are brave enough and can afford several levels of necklaces, then … Go to the next level of courage – your necklaces should reach the thigh level! And what about the materials? The best option are thin chains and small pendants and beads on them.

Add the pendant!

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Сomplicated necklaces and multi-tiered beads could be changed with pendants, which must necessarily be large and noticeable. But this does not mean that complicated necklaces we should throw away. In no case! It means only that each of us has different tastes – and the pendants are into fashion for those fashionistas who do not like to overload their images.

I saw almost in every show chains, decorated with symbolic pendants and large medallions, put on layers on the chest and on the back.

One more choker

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So what necklaces are in style 2018? Totally chokers and pendants for them! Such necklaces should be collected from the different colored parts, or monolithic chokers, like collars, enveloping your neck. In any case, I’m a bit worried that this adornment will be with us for another couple of years. No, no, I’m not upset about this. It’s just talking that they stay so long at the peak of popularity…

Wearing of this jewel is possible with any clothing. But it is important not to overdo with a “love to glamour” and to adhere to a special stylistic. For example, while wearing sports clothes for a walk, you can put on choker created from cords, even woven or leather one. Yes, just imagine, today, going out for a jog it is also possible to put on a jewelry item. Although, luxurious lace choker with some stones and pendants will be a great accessory choice to put it on a holiday or a party.

Golden floral motif

At the Chanel Joaillerie workshop on the Place Vendome ears of wheat turned into a luxurious adornments. Probably everyone has had time to inspire and to wonder about this advertising. Finally, the general trend is the new dimension for the floral motif. Now it is the golden floral motif among jewelry trends and that is the answer to “what necklaces are in style 2018?” These and even similar jewelry are perfect for the end of summer, of course they would beautifully set off the mood of autumn and would give a special warmth and chic to winter.

Warm and cozy

So for this trend I have found 2 totally different options! Furthermore, one of them is totally cozy and so cute! And, no matter what I am saying in the next paragraph – I would totally love to have this pink “marshmallow” necklace! Just imagining myself in some creamy pyjama suit, fur purple shoes and this wonderful braided necklace. The second one is the option I am surely wondering to see in this “category”. But anyway, this is a serious fashion. And I need to share this.

The statement bib necklace is made by hand of nylon thread in soft pink color. Decorated with sead bead, it very shine. Soft and slightly glossy nylon necklace, plaited fiber, perfect to fit your holiday dress, with t-shirt, make your look special and original. 

The ASTER necklace is a one-of- kind, colorful piece of jewelry that will never go unnoticed! The necklace has a magnetic metal clasp made from stainless steel with logo laser-cut. Anna’s jewelry has a distinct, modern look to it – perfect for today’s contemporary woman who is eager to make a fashion statement.

Among all the variety of jewelry options for the neck in 2018 one of the first places will take a braided necklace, which will become especially relevant in the winter time. Personally, I do not really like this adornment type and especially when it is done in the “handmade” style. Also many people purchase these necklaces in bright colors or weave them out of strands. Personally for me, this jewelry style is too “cozy”. Yes, I understand, it sounds a bit strange, and still it is one of my “what necklaces are in style 2018” list members. Anyway, if I create such a necklace, I would do it from the more rigid materials and in metallic colors.

Please, don’t overlook beads!

So what can I say about this? W O N D E R F U L. One of the perfect examples of beads I have ever seen! Seems like my dreams just came true…

An array of precious gemstones ( rainbow moonstones, rose quartz, amethyst, russian amazonite, white agate, citrine, arizona turquoise) have been hand-knotted on a pink silk thread into a short necklace that will make you want to smile in awe each time you’ll look at it. It is finished it with a sterling silver closing clasp. Timeless and fabulous, this is a true work of love (and patience!) and will make for the perfect statement piece. You can purchase it at store.

And at the same time beads are the answer to the “what necklaces are in style 2018” question. First of all, I meet a huge number of people who consider beads as an element of some era, or as something too old-fashioned or even something that they can wear only at a certain age. Oh, how it angers me! It is the same thing that I just told about the threads of pearls.

This is the eternal fashion. And in 2018, beads of different colors, materials, sizes and lengths will be in vogue. A particularly cool it will look if you wear them in tiers!

Beautiful amber threads were described in hundreds of books. And no wonder that in our time ladies of all ages consider it compulsory to have some luxury brand necklace in their casket. And will give you this opportunity. Such amber jewelry designs as beads will become your favorite mascot of inspiration and luck, will warm you with its solar energy and attract success and prosperity. Natural amber jewelry designs will strengthen your intuition and faith in yourself, will help to achieve any goal.

 Most of all nations appreciate lapis lazuli, considering it  as a stone symbolizing the strong friendship. In Europe, lapis lazuli is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and luck; in India – of  true and faithful love. Jewelry with lapis lazuli looks very presentable and attractive, but you should carefully protect it from bright sunlight and acids. All the lapis lazuli designs that you see were created for online store. In the meantime, you can look there to choose a ready-made jewelry from lapis.

Almost everything has to be large, bright, shiny and flashy! All kinds of jewelry necklaces should be catchy and memorable. As that’s what necklaces are in style 2018. Yes, yes, it can be one hundred percent custom jewelry and no one will judge you! They are especially appropriate at moments of coolness, when wearing such jewelry comes together with deaf sweaters and jumpers. Since the trend is still in ethnic motifs, you should look for a necklace in the form of atstetskih figures. And jewelry with floral details will add a special charm to your Fall-Winter 2017-2018 look.

Gold and glass

During the 2018 season we will adorn out beautiful and graceful necks with such trend as a gold-plated necklace with glass inserts. What first comes to your mind? Of course, Swarovski! Well, this is not something new. Probably, Swarovski will always be popular, will always be in a trend, because they are absolutely unique. To be honest, this trend is one of my favorites. After all, such necklaces and pendants should appear in several tiers. And I’m just totally in love with this style.

Grunge and Laconism

Gold plated chain necklace you can find in store. Designer always tries to find pure and abstract shapes. Geometrical figures as the line, the square, the triangle and the circle are combined in order to create small systems of construction. I am always looking for a balance between complexity and purity.
An elegant multi chain sterling silver necklace is made up of different chains, to give is a luxurious look. It is a heavy piece that has been made by hand. A really beautiful piece that would make an amazing present for that special someone. You can find it at the store. Everybody is talking about Brash Bijoux, a unique jewellery brand with a strong statement jewellery collection from talented silversmith Zoe Kilbride.

And there is nothing surprising, because such decorative trends are the result of punk and grunge cultures influence. Maybe, just like now, during 90s such necklaces appeared with the most accurate and monochrome clothes. So that, purpose of this necklace was to spoil too pedantic and conservative look. It is acceptable to wear a few of these necklaces at the same time. However, it is worthwhile to vary at least the thickness of the chain. And it is better not to hang additional pendants on such adornments. As during 2018 it is KITCH. store is the very place where you can find this silver colored chain. This is the very place where Jewelry Designing comes to the real Art. All the jewelry designer is creting with noble metals, silver and gold, embedded with gemstones. All the geometric elements are all Rivka Snir’s designs and are all Handmade.
With this golden necklace you’ll amplify your radiance and feel strong, captivating, and vibrantly beautiful each time you wear it. Each time you wear dirty pretty, it is a ritual that connects you to your strength and spirit. An outlet for your creativity and a symbol of your singular style, wear this necklace every time you want to feel simply brilliant. Gold carries a joyful energy that allows beauty and happiness to flow into your life. Jewelry from amplifies your radiance and lets you feel bold, beautiful and brave each and every day. 

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